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Surviving a book by vandalising its margins

Dear blogging friends, I am one for reading more than one book at the same time. Don’t judge me! I am strictly monogamous with my husband, thank you very much, I can afford a less honourable behaviour with books. It’s not just tiredness and … Continue reading

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Why some people are better than others – Part 2, The Drunken Cook

Originally posted on Ofglassandbooks:
Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, the true “parmesan” (Photo credit: Wikipedia) The Drunken Cook, by Milton Crawford, is a festive little book I bought for my father for Christmas. Before you wonder, no, he doesn’t read my blog, so…

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Diana Athill: memoirs for the sophisticated spirit

It’s been a while, dear blogging friends, but Ofglassandbooks is back with a heartfelt review of STET by Diana Athill. Take your time when settling down for your read: preparation is key! An armchair, a blanket, a steaming cup of … Continue reading

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Farewell Branston, dearest friend

Today I lost a dear friend. He was 97 and we hadn’t know each other very long, and yet his passing has left a huge hole inside my soul. My skull feels painfully tight and my teeth ache. I am desolately heartbroken. He … Continue reading

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The lady in the van

I am having a little bit of an obsessive dive into the world of one specific author: Alan Bennett, the intelligent, sell deprecating, highly observant British screen and play writer, in fact, Northern English screen and play writer (UK fellow … Continue reading

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Patricia Cornwell: bored of Kate? Don’t let me yawn you

I was listening to the radio a couple of mornings ago and who did I catch chatting away about her new book? I will not keep you guessing, dear blogging friends: guessing games could take some time and my news … Continue reading

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Paddington comes to the rescue….mine.

Dear blogging friends, some of you may be acquainted – via posts on this blog! – with my 9 year-old daughter: a voracious and curious reader and proud owner of more books than her shelves can hold. Voracious and curious … Continue reading

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