Awards Page

Not 1 but two Shine On  awards! Love this picture. It makes me wonder how nice it would be to be looking at the stars and think of absolutely nothing for one moment or two. Of course I will have to get new prescription glasses to do so, and hope for a cloudless night, away from light pollution…yes, a proper dream. Do some of you stop and stare at the stars?

Liebster_RibbonThe very labour intensive Liebster Award, which appears to dress up in a different logo every time it gets shared. It’s obviously very magical and hence even more appreciated. Unless I’m using the wrong logo. Typical!

 Ah, another pretty logo, radiating heat on a cold winter day, and spurning hopes of a real summer on a summer day in England…

My first one, which introduced me to the world of awards in the ether, the Best Moment Award, which is a lovely way of making you cherish what really counts in life: the present! Moment Award


2 Responses to Awards Page

  1. ellisnelson says:

    You’ve won an email copy of Elephants Never Forgotten from Ellis Nelson Books. Please send your email to so I can forward the file. Let me know if Kindle is the format you want. Thanks! Ellis

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