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Patricia Cornwell: bored of Kate? Don’t let me yawn you

I was listening to the radio a couple of mornings ago and who did I catch chatting away about her new book? I will not keep you guessing, dear blogging friends: guessing games could take some time and my news … Continue reading

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Paddington comes to the rescue….mine.

Dear blogging friends, some of you may be acquainted – via posts on this blog! – with my 9 year-old daughter: a voracious and curious reader and proud owner of more books than her shelves can hold. Voracious and curious … Continue reading

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The frantic typist and unaware snorer – irritability is my second name

Dear blogging friends, what do a frantic typist and a loud snorer have in common? Nothing, they just happen to have caused me a ridiculous amount of irritability whilst travelling by train for business last week. As I made no attempt … Continue reading

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Ode to Bookmarks: the new endengered species?

I love my e-reader. It’s light; it’s powerful; it holds oh so many wonderful reads in one stylish rectangle of intelligent plastic. But I have a confession to make. Each night I feel daggers of pain shoot through my mercenary … Continue reading

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Celebrities and fiction – a nail in the coffin for ordinary aspiring writers?

The singer and song writer Morrissey has recently announced that he will turn his talent to writing fiction. After his autobiography was published by Penguin as a Classic and achieving extensive commercial success, Morrissey is now half way through writing … Continue reading

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Glass jars for the contented spirit

Dig in! Continue reading

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“I don’t mind!” – “Oh yes you do!”

A tribute to MFK Fisher My tween age son has the habit of answering “I don’t mind” to most parental questions. So do his friends. We recently had one over for a spot of lunch. I asked him if he … Continue reading

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