The joke is on me! – Installment 2 of the ‘Just when you thought this could only happen in fiction’ mini series

Some of you, my blogging friends, may remember a post ( about our cat, a hunter of prime quality. He brings live mice into our home, gets bored of the chase and sets the tiny creatures free. We debated whether to say goodbye to our hunting cat. We opted to keep it and try our best to manage the influx of mice instead. The discovery of live mice hiding in the utility room, where our cat sleeps at night, is a frequent occurrence. I no longer freak out: cool as cucumber I arm myself with a plastic bag, grab the mouse, run to the door and set it free.

So what’s the joke reference in the title, I hear you ask? Can ofglassandbooks no longer remember the premise of her posts? There is a joke, but not of the funny ha ha type. You see, some mice are creatures of superior intelligence, and the grab and bag technique is clearly inadequate for some. Take a few mornings ago, when whilst still in my PJ I thought I caught the furry visitor, only to realise that it had escaped. Where though? I spent a few frantic minutes looking in the kitchen, living room, under our bookshelves, behind the sofa, inside a pair of old boots left by the door. No sign of the mouse. There was a lot of bending, stretching and flexing involved and every now and then I felt as if a butterfly was fluttering behind my knees, my back, my neck. A quick glance in the mirror exposed the butterfly for what it really was: the runaway mouse, who had managed to climb up the legs of my PJs, and up again my PJ top, clinging to the fabric despite my frantic moving and searching. A scream and a slap later and the mouse was out of my top and on the run. I got it in the end, and it was then that I saw the funny side of it all. The joke was on me, as well as the mouse.

Could this have been a scene from a fiction book? Yes, I think it could have, both a comedy type of book and a sci-fi story of mice coexisting with humans, surviving on sections of fabric first, and entering the human body next, giving rise to a new super intelligent species that takes over the world and beyond.

See? I did say that it wasn’t going to be the type of funny ha ha joke!

If your life events turn out like pages from a fiction book, you’ve come to the right place. I sure don’t like being the only woman who looked for a mouse whilst the mouse in question was clinging onto her and laughing its little whiskers off.

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11 Responses to The joke is on me! – Installment 2 of the ‘Just when you thought this could only happen in fiction’ mini series

  1. M T McGuire says:

    We had a cat like that. A humane trap and some peanut butter does the trick.



  2. I think that episode would make a delightful children’s picture book! LOL but screaming a little bit, too! eeeek!

    • It was….after the events, I guess. What impressed me the most is this mouse’s lightness of touch. It didn’t scratch me nor bite me and was only hanging onto clothes as opposed to my skin. How very considerate!

  3. Ok, this put a huge smile on my face. Considerate mouse indeed! 🙂

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