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She’s done it again! Patricia Cornwell’s Dust – a review

I have been an afecionada of anything Patricia Cornwell has published for longer than I’d like to admit. I’m in Waterstones (the UK booksellers) first thing on a Saturday morning to buy her new books, hardback and all (Waterstones stock Cornwell’s latest … Continue reading

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The joke is on me! – Installment 2 of the ‘Just when you thought this could only happen in fiction’ mini series

Some of you, my blogging friends, may remember a post ( about our cat, a hunter of prime quality. He brings live mice into our home, gets bored of the chase and sets the tiny creatures free. We debated whether to say goodbye … Continue reading

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Sequels, blasted sequels

My seven year-old daughter skedaddles into our living room and perches herself onto one of the settee’s arms. I’m sitting on it, typing, editing, reading, thinking. ‘What are you doing?’ The dreaded question every parent fears hangs in the air. I’m still typing, interrogating Windows’ thesaurus … Continue reading

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