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Living on the street by choice, poetry and blogging – an exclusive interview with blogger This Old Toad

Since launching Ofglassandbooks I have been mainly browsing through blogs which, like mine, share experiences and thoughts on writing, reading, cooking, and a little bit of photography. I often wondered whether sticking to a narrow number of topics would restrict the … Continue reading

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I’m not your mate, dad! Dialogue, glorious dialogue

 Instalment 4 of the now famously glorious dialogue mini series A few of us have been wrestling with the appropriate tone of voice for our fiction characters. Getting it right is tricky. My father often recounts an anecdote from our … Continue reading

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Celebrities and fiction – a nail in the coffin for ordinary aspiring writers?

The singer and song writer Morrissey has recently announced that he will turn his talent to writing fiction. After his autobiography was published by Penguin as a Classic and achieving extensive commercial success, Morrissey is now half way through writing … Continue reading

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Glass jars for the contented spirit

Dig in! Continue reading

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“I don’t mind!” – “Oh yes you do!”

A tribute to MFK Fisher My tween age son has the habit of answering “I don’t mind” to most parental questions. So do his friends. We recently had one over for a spot of lunch. I asked him if he … Continue reading

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Resolutions resolutions, who are we kidding?

No, not me, dear blogging friends, this is no joke because I love resolutions. No first of January is worth of its hierarchical superiority over the rest of the year without some serious thought to resolutions – in the plural, you will … Continue reading

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