Resolutions resolutions, who are we kidding?

No, not me, dear blogging friends, this is no joke because I love resolutions. No first of January is worth of its hierarchical superiority over the rest of the year without some serious thought to resolutions – in the plural, you will notice, because spurning just one is the same as ordering a whole pizza and only eating one slice: ridiculous.

Here I go. In first place is finishing my second book, a YA/A novel started during nanowrimo. It suffered a little bit of a set back during the festivities, but what can you do? Seeing family and eating too much make you forget who you really are (did I really write this?)

In second place is finishing my third novel, started a long, long time ago and abandoned because of life being life – busy. It’s aimed at pre tween-age kids and is turning out lovely, like a freshly baked panettone, soft and round, a pleasure to hold and delightful to eat.Panettone aufgeschnitten und freigestellt

In final place is keeping up with my blogs – ofglassandbooks and Barking at the wrong tree, the latter recently launched and dedicated to short stories experimentation. I’m planning the Glass Jars Chronicles, with short stories inspired by the shapes and uses of my many glass jars. Frankly, I don’t know how this is going to pan out, so if by mid March there is nothing on that blog, blame me.

What about you, dear blogging friends? Any resolutions I may find ridiculous? Go on, confess, I’d love to laugh at your crazy and yet determined good intentions! It would make me feel much better about my own!

As always yours,



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Who, me? A fan of good reads and glass jars experiences; budding fiction writer in the very little and spare time available...
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6 Responses to Resolutions resolutions, who are we kidding?

  1. I love that you love resolutions. I never make them – ever. I’d have them broken within the month. Your resolutions are great – and doable. 🙂 Happy New Year OG&B!

  2. FictionFan says:

    Nothing so creative for me, I fear. I’m sticking with the tried and tested ‘no ironing’ resolution – it’s amazing how a little bit of elastane can improve a girl’s life… 😉

    • Excellent! pure cotton and linen are sooo overrated anyway, and it’s so cold around here that if you wear a suit at work it will cover any shirt or blouse’s creases anyway…especially if you keep your largest scarf on…and gloves pulled up to your sleeves…and keep your legs firmly under the desk…and rarely go to the loo…

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