Living on the street by choice, poetry and blogging – an exclusive interview with blogger This Old Toad

Since launching Ofglassandbooks I have been mainly browsing through blogs which, like mine, share experiences and thoughts on writing, reading, cooking, and a little bit of photography. I often wondered whether sticking to a narrow number of topics would restrict the variety of bloggers I’d meet, share thoughts and experiences with, follow and be followed by. I didn’t need worrying. There is plenty of variety within the confines of 3 or 4 subject areas.

The living proof is our one and only Chris Jensen, AKA This Old Toad ( I was lucky enough to be granted an interview with him, which Chris allowed me to share with you. Here it goes:

Hi Chris, great blog. Why did you start blogging?

i started blogging from suggestion, by gentleman by name of Stanley Q Woodvine, whom i believed worked hard at trying to befriend me, always offering a helping hand with computer related problems.  Later i came to the conclusion Stanley had the hope that I won’t keep my blog running more than a year, just give it up and lose interest.  Since then i’ve others try to hide some of my writing.  lol

I was interested to read that you live on the street by Choice. Would you care to tell us why and how this came about?

i first started living on the street due to my drug addiction, which to date is still alive and well.  Family tough love came into the picture, by suggestion from their close friends.  I now live on the street because it’s a way of life, that at most times i enjoy, a type of lifestyle not for everybody…  More to a view of a different point; the struggle of street life does keep one busy, i am of the hope it will slow down my drug use, as it has done in slowing me down throughout the years.

A struggle indeed. How does blogging fit in with your life choice?

I really don’t know how blogging fits into my life choices, other than it has opened my eyes to other interesting people who are not so quick to judge.  Blogging has improved my writing skills, i myself had not noticed until i started to become surprised by the words i was able to spell, not having spell correct doing all the work for me.  Most times i don’t find enough time to blog, funny thing is i don’t have to do anything other than keep this human-body running for as many years as possible, which shall be a challenge.  Do to my refusal in give-up most unhealthy addictions.

 You seem to have a passion for poetry. What do you get out of it?

Poetry was passed to me by a loving blogger who blogs under the name of She began following, like anybody else i was curious to see who has found interest in a drug addict living on the street, i mean so what of my post?  Well i don’t need to say anymore.  I started stealing her poems and adding lines of my own.  So i had written one of my first poems, shortly after she asked to do a duet poem with me now just it took sometime before i agreed, gave in to curiosity and beauty, once started fear had me like running into a wall, i just wanted to get out of this duet anyway possible, well i battled to the end thus came my first, i would say real poetry…  The poem is called “MY SHADOW PRISON”. Thanks hastywords…

i now love the art of poetry, there really is not many ways to explain to my other than it touch this emotionally dead person inside like nothing ever could, my lack of education in-which has given me, a strange style of writing.  I believe that i was to learn English correctly the flavor and subjects of my poetry would change…

i find this sad that i couldn’t have learned poetry while i was struggling through my schooling years. However i would not change anything if i where to go back in time…

 Some of the best things in life arrive a little later, and why not? Anything else you thing might be cool to share?

Anything else not really, enjoy life you only get to be human but once in your lifetime so take very good care of the body you are living in.  If possible, you may break some records of age…

Thanks Toad! (chris Jensen)

Hope you enjoyed this interview. You are a click away from visiting the Toad: Great pictures and posts full of humanity.

All the best,


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7 Responses to Living on the street by choice, poetry and blogging – an exclusive interview with blogger This Old Toad

  1. thisoldtoad2014 says:

    i would like to thank you for taking the time to place me on a high rock. as walk through life only knowing the day by day. i am a person of interest whom has conflicting interests with many with power…

    cheers toad

  2. thisoldtoad2014 says:

    Reblogged this on thisoldtoad and commented:
    An interview with a toad…..

  3. toad (chris jensen) says:

    I just need stop a moment in thought…. Thanks for the interview, i would not change one letter or period.


  4. toad (chris jensen) says:

    Reblogged this on thisoldtoad and commented:
    Interview with a toad!

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