Paddington comes to the rescue….mine.

Dear blogging friends, some of you may be acquainted – via posts on this blog! – with my 9 year-old daughter: a voracious and curious reader and proud owner of more books than her shelves can hold. Voracious and curious young readers read by themselves. Independent reading is quicker; more satisfying; can be carried out in secret instead of doing homework. What would be the point of sharing the experience with, for argument’s sake, one’s mother? None whatsoever.

And yet I have been missing our téte-á-téte reading sessions, literally leaning against each other’s heads to share the pleasure of a good story book. Well, nothing better than a life crisis to fill my emotional needs!

Flipping heck!? I hear you say, is Ofglassandbooks implying that she is rejoicing at her daughter going through a life crisis purely to indulge in nostalgic memories of days gone by? In short, yes. That is the case, although for those who know me, I am not, usually, a callous mother, nor blogger. And what is the crisis? I hear you ask, an additional unfulfilled need inside of me craving your ethereal attention.

Let me explain and set the record straight: Ofglassandbooks and family are moving to a nearby town tomorrow, and my daughter is starting a new school in September, something she is understandably frightful of, apprehensive, and sad, really, really sad about. Since finding out that she would have to start all over again, she has asked to read a book together at night time. Bingo! In I went, enthusiastically taking it in turn to read a few pages of Paddington, The new adventures, by Michael Bond (no, not that Bond, although nobody does it better than him either).

Was it worth it? Was it? YES! My emotional gap is super-filled (nevermind that of my daughter and her crisis) but most of all I have learned something about her that I didn’t know: she makes lines up as she reads, and the lines she adds, seamlessly and nonchalantly, are actually the parts in the book I laughed aloud at. She is not only an excellent reader, but a good editor too. Cheers, Michael Bond, somebody does it better than you, after all, but thank you none the less for coming to my rescue at times of crisis.

Meet you at my new post, my friends, about the best-selling guide to decluttering your home from Japanese cleaning consultant Marie Kondo.




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10 Responses to Paddington comes to the rescue….mine.

  1. Carrie Rubin says:

    Always lovely to have reading time with our kids. Good luck to you with the move and with her school change.

  2. Nice seeing your comment Carrie! How are you?
    Thanks for the best wishes. A new start, hey. Pass me the camomile tea…

  3. Nothing wrong with loving that special time. We try to read a bedtime book nightly (a chapter at a time) together as a family. It works more often than not. The way I see it, everyone loves reading to or being read to. Keep it going!

    • Jilanne, hello! How are things with you? Wow, you try to read together every day: that’s magnificent! What books do you read that suit the whole family?
      All the best

      • Just getting back after more than a month away due to conferences and family vacations to various parts of the U.S. Where do I start with the list of books? When Liam was younger (he’s now 11 3/4), we read books written by Jean Craighead George, Charlotte’s Web, The Rats of Nimh, and Roald Dahl’s books. Recently, it’s been more along the lines of the Harry Potter series, Holes, The Green Glass House, The Boundless, books by Deborah Wiles, etc….Take a look at the Newbery winners, National Book Award finalists, etc. Soooo many wonderful books!

  4. I’m extreeeeemmmmeeeely late to this post, and sorry to join in more than a few months on, but I’m just checking in, as you did to me not long ago! It’s so nice to hear from another book-obsessed parent with the same concerns and questions about our children! I hope you’re well after your move!

  5. Nick, always a pleasure to read your comments! Late ones especially! After the initial interest in my posts has died down, all I can wish for is for my posts to act as a friendship catalyst with my favourite bloggers.
    The move went well, despite causing such upheaval. It’s been tough adjusting to a new environment. My daughter has survived the experience pretty well, fortunately, so that’s what matters in the end! My son and hubby seem settled too, so all in all it’s gone ok!
    How are you doing?
    All the best, OG&Bs

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