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Paddington comes to the rescue….mine.

Dear blogging friends, some of you may be acquainted – via posts on this blog! – with my 9 year-old daughter: a voracious and curious reader and proud owner of more books than her shelves can hold. Voracious and curious … Continue reading

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Sequels, blasted sequels

My seven year-old daughter skedaddles into our living room and perches herself onto one of the settee’s arms. I’m sitting on it, typing, editing, reading, thinking. ‘What are you doing?’ The dreaded question every parent fears hangs in the air. I’m still typing, interrogating Windows’ thesaurus … Continue reading

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I’m not your mate, dad! Dialogue, glorious dialogue

 Instalment 4 of the now famously glorious dialogue mini series A few of us have been wrestling with the appropriate tone of voice for our fiction characters. Getting it right is tricky. My father often recounts an anecdote from our … Continue reading

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