The wicked hegemony of the duvet in Northern Europe

Dear blogging friends, Ofglassandbooks and family spent a few exciting weeks driving around Europe over the summer, more exactly from our home in England to the coast of the Adriatic Sea in Northern Italy. I’ll write about our adventures in a few posts in the future. Today, in full Ofglassandbooks style, I am all about denouncing the wicked hegemony of the duvet in Northern European countries.

Blogging friends: “Pardon?”

Ofglassandbooks: “Oh yes. I’ve had my share of wicked, domineering, bossy and utterly incongruous duvets on each and every hotel bed in Northern Europe over the SUMMER.”

Blogging friends (unwritten comments): “OK, let’s humour the travelling woman for a few more lines…”  

Ofglassandbooks: “Picture the scene: a hot night in continental Europe. And yet thick duvets  – the same thick duvets on offer in the winter – await you at bedtime. You embrace the custom, and wake up in a cloud of vapour, steaming more profusely than  Chinese ravioli. You kick the oppressor off the bed, and end up lying awake and a little chilly, in need of some sort of cover, but wary of inviting back the feather furnace scrunched up on the floor. The solution? To strip the demonic duvet off its cover and hide it on the top shelves of wardrobes, where it belongs until, say, December. The duvet covers alone do the job, and they do it well. Thick cotton in the shape of a sleeping bag is what any tired traveller needs when visiting Northern Europe in the summer. A quiet word with the puzzled cleaners in the morning saves you the indignity of being regarded as a thief, or a practical joker. So far, no cleaner regarded the stripping of the domineering duvets as assault, nor eccentricity. Clearly, they all thought it perfectly acceptable, and clearly, management in hotels does not listen to staff on the ground.”

But this, my blogging friends, is a matter for a separate post, picking up the additional threads of a sociological nature and denouncing the deafness of senior staff in the travel and accommodation industry in Northern European countries.

Any good ideas to improve the quality of sleep when travelling will be published on this blog throughout 2014 and 2015 in readiness for next summer!


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4 Responses to The wicked hegemony of the duvet in Northern Europe

  1. The cloud of vapour and the steaming ravioli made me laugh out loud. Wonderful stuff.

    • Thanks Nick! Not funny at the time. I omitted to describe the horror of church bells ringing every 15 minutes at night, forcing us to keep all windows shut despite the heat. Nice buildings during the day; tormentors at night!

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