Sequels, blasted sequels

My seven year-old daughter skedaddles into our living room and perches herself onto one of the settee’s arms. I’m sitting on it, typing, editing, reading, thinking. ‘What are you doing?’ The dreaded question every parent fears hangs in the air. I’m still typing, interrogating Windows’ thesaurus and weighing my words’ options.

‘Muuuum, what are you doing?’

‘I’m writing my second novel. It’s not for children though. It’s for young adults, basically kids just a little older than you but still a lot younger than me.’

‘You mean there will not be a book 2 of the first book you wrote?’

‘Should there be?’ This girl reads far too much. I make a note to myself to eliminate box sets from her Christmas list.

‘But of course! At the end of the first adventure your main character sits down.’ She slums on the sofa, acting out her words,’ and says: “what a good adventure that was!” Dot dot dot!’

She looks at me, expectantly. I say nothing.

‘Yes, he sits down and says: “I wonder what the next adventure will be?” which is your book number 2, and then the next one, book number 3 and so on. All good adventures have more than one book, everybody knows that!’ She skedaddles out, taking my ten minutes of peace with her. Worse still, she takes away my well intended plan for this year (remember my Resolutions, resolutions post?, which is to focus on novel 2, for YA, and novel 3, for little ones, as well as giving my new sister blog Barking at the wrong tree some loving care and experimenting with short stories.

Should my plans be revised? My daughter has a point. Adventures are made for sequels and children expect them. Looked at it this way, they are tough customers. One single book doesn’t cut the mustard. On the other hand, the opposite is true. Think of creating a popular story and managing to come up with a second, third, and many more follow up adventures. No need to squeeze your creative brain for anything new to dazzle the world with. Your first idea won the hearts of so many, why diversify? My son is devouring the Cherub series. He’s on what seems to me and my purse to be book number 134 and he’s still hungry for more….OK, it’s more likely to be number 8 or 9, but you get the point.

Are you a sequels fan or are you happy to settle for one timers? Your thoughts are, as always, gratefully received.

All the best, OG&B


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4 Responses to Sequels, blasted sequels

  1. Carrie Rubin says:

    I enjoy both, but series books do seem all the rage now. I’ve not had a desire to write a series myself; I’m currently starting my third stand-alone. But given agents and publishers are looking for series, I’m probably trekking down the wrong path!

    • Thanks Carrie. I’m more inclined towards stand alones myself. if an idea gets into my head for a novel, and I don’t put it down on paper pronto, that idea will end up just that, nothing more concrete and satisfying. Ok, let’s face it, my memory isn’t the greatest. Got to get things written when still fresh in my mind!

  2. There is a danger in writing another book in the series if your heart isn’t in it. If you aren’t interested in the story, how can you expect your readers to be? Perhaps you can dabble around a bit with the main character (while writing other things) and figure out whether there is another adventure burning to show its face?

    • hello Jilanne, I like your idea! Why not? I like mulling over story lines and character development. I had a spell of insomnia recently and doing that was my cure back to sanity. I never considered delving back into Jamie (my first novel’s character) though, so thanks for the suggestion!

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