Ofglassandbooks takes the plunge

It’s NaNoWriMo, and as the whole world of budding writers beavers away at their nearly fifth day of creativity, I, instead, take a moment to make my mind up and finally decide to take part.
Ok, I’m late, and busy, real busy, with fast paced work and a fast paced family to deal with. But I’m known to be a smart cookie and to speak a few languages, which is always an advantage when looking for a short cut or getting out of a bit of a pickle.
What I’m getting at is that Nano in Italian means tiny, small, very short. Now, isn’t that a coincidence? NaNoWriMo is in fact meant to produce something not quite as grand as 50,000 words! And if utilising foreign languages to read through a catchy title wasn’t enough, what about the easily googleable list of best novels in the world? Isn’t there one which is a mere 35,000 words long?
There, I will take the plunge, but into one of those tiny paddling pools children have oh so much fun in on hot summer’s days. And that is exactly the feeling I want you to hold onto! That’s exactly how curious readers are going to feel when reading my short and probably unfinished novel at the end of the month. I’m spreading the Xmas kindness over 6 weeks in advance! Hurrah!
C u in December.

Yours truly,


About ofglassandbooks

Who, me? A fan of good reads and glass jars experiences; budding fiction writer in the very little and spare time available...
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