Can a fiction book make you hot? I wish…Instalment 8 of the Can a fiction book make you…mini series

It’s cold in England. Real cold. We are into day 3 of a snow blizzard and temperatures hardly creep up +2 degrees in this town of ours.

My precious and valued followers may recall an early installment of this mini series, titled: Can a fiction book make you cold? I toyed with the idea of metaphorically pouring a jug of piping hot water on that post and watch the metaphorical steam raise to my frozen nostrils whilst producing a nasty laugh worthy of a 007 baddie.

I’m cold and it’s time to talk about books that make you feel hot – not the type of ‘ooh, sexy time’ hot – difficult to go down that route whilst wearing a knee long hooded fleece with the picture of a snow man singing Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

I’m talking sweltering heat here, where sweat pours down your back and makes your throat so dry you are hallucinating drinks; the kind that makes your face glow for all the wrong reasons.

What better read to make you feel that way than Ice Cold in Alex, by Christopher Landon? Picture yourself ploughing through the desert, with a nice cold beer as your only incentive to make it alive, and voila’ your hands and feet feel warmer and, why not? you take off that dreadful snowman’s fleece and turn the heating down a few degrees.

Outside the snow is falling, and your cat has been hibernating on one of your children’s bed for the past 24 hours, but YOU are HOT. And yes, it is only 10 in the morning but what about a nice, cold Carlsberg to celebrate summer?

What’s your ‘please make me feel hot’ favourite book?
Your comments, as always, will enrich both my soul and this blog.

So long,


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5 Responses to Can a fiction book make you hot? I wish…Instalment 8 of the Can a fiction book make you…mini series

  1. deshipley says:

    I’ve certainly read books that have made me feel cold, though I can’t recall off the top of my head whether a book’s ever made me feel toasty warm. Chances are I would prefer it; feeling too cold makes me miserable!

    On an unrelated note, congratulations, for you have been nominated for a Liebster Award!

  2. Anything written by William Faulkner reeks of heat and humidity, particularly Absalom!Absalom! and The Sound and the Fury. For oven-like heat, it’s the Sheltering Sky by Paul Bowles.

    • Hi Jilianne,
      thanks for the suggestions, they sound like they could find a cosy place in my bookshelves or Nook. I can’t believe I never read anything by Paul Bowles! I still need those heat-inducing reads. Why is it still sooo cold here???
      Thanks for popping by!

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