Can a fiction book make you think, Hey how come he ignores capital letters and still gets published? Installment 7 of the Can a fiction book make you…mini series

Simple, because he’s Charles Bukowski and I’m not.
How could I get to the age of…well, to my age, and not have read any of his books or poems? And I call myself an accomplished reader?
I’m making up for it with Tales of Ordinary Madness, although I just HAVE to get Women and Post Office soon; before next Saturday; at the latest!
Back to the issue of capital letters. Interestingly the pronoun I remains in capital format, I wonder why. All other capital letters are ignored, as if affected by a terrible disease.
Wouldn’t it be great to write a book, work hard to edit the content and submit it for publication in a similar style? The sheer sense of liberation (and freedom for our left hand’s little finger, constantly pressing the shift key to change the caps size).
Picture the scene in an undefined publisher’s office in London or New York:
‘I’m not sure I understand,’ he or she would say, reading the first 3 lines of the unsolicited manuscript which landed on his/her email account a few weeks earlier.
‘Is this a joke? My time is precious, and these clowns think they are being funny by
pretending that the English grammar is a pick and mix box of sweets? For f***’s sake, DELETE, DELETE, DELETE…Actually,’ he/she presses the ctrl Z keys, ‘with hindsight, who is this f****** joker? Ah, these are her details, and this is the secret BLACK LIST. She will never, NEVER, be published in this part of the world. NEVEEEER!’

So, how come Charles Bukowski got away with it and I couldn’t, I ask again.
The answer is still the same: because he’s Charles Bokowski and I’m not.

Have you got a favourite book by Bukowski?
Does the absence of capital letters irritate you?
Do you secretly dream you could get away with doing it yourself?…i do, i do, i do. even after a full stop, i still do.

Your comments will, as always, make me really happy.


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Who, me? A fan of good reads and glass jars experiences; budding fiction writer in the very little and spare time available...
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2 Responses to Can a fiction book make you think, Hey how come he ignores capital letters and still gets published? Installment 7 of the Can a fiction book make you…mini series

  1. deshipley says:

    I’m not sure I could tolerate writing a story with deliberately improper capitalization.
    No, scratch that. I’m sure. I couldn’t do it.
    I can’t even leave a Facebook comment like that. It stings my soul. X)

  2. Ouch! Soul stinging sounds painful! I have to say that despite the bravado, I’m probably too conservative a writer to let go of my grammatical inhibitions! But I do love my exclamation marks. This is as wild as I get, I’m afraid!
    Thanks for stopping by.

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