Can a book be read whilst working out?

"Study drawing shows the allegorical figu...

“Study drawing shows the allegorical figure of Romance nude. She bends her head to read a book on her lap. Romance was one figure in a painting, The arts, in the north end lunette of the Southwest Gallery in the Library of Congress’ Jefferson Building.” Graphite drawing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Tvåglasburkar (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The answer is no. Me? A woman of few words? Hardly, but this one – I’m afraid – warrants little debate.

Some machines, like cyclettes, do in theory allow  for space and time to read whilst pedalling. Having observed fellow gym goers though, I’m firmly of the view that it’s a silly endeavour. Drips of perspiration falling on your book whilst pretending to do two things at once? No.

If working out is too boring, well, just join a library, you’ll be happier and fitter, the latter if your local library is enormous and the browsing of books requires climbing stairs.

The rare brevity of this post allows for some welcome diversion into the world of glass and the use of glass jars to store fabulous food.

Lunch on the go

Stuff any left overs in one or two glass jars


Remember one frenzied morning whilst you are looking for something to take to work for lunch that you do have some perfectly stored and potentially still edible goodies in the freezer.

Take the frozen glass jars with you and enjoy (only to be pursued if your work place allows re-heating…which some places don’t…)


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2 Responses to Can a book be read whilst working out?

  1. I recently wanted to put leftover potato soup in a canning jar and then freeze. My husband was afraid the glass would break. I showed him the freezer jelly he made (duh!), and he said the jelly wouldn’t expand like the soup. How do you handle liquids in jars when you want to freeze? Is there a rule of thumb for a fill line? … I am definitely not one to workout and read at the same time.

  2. Ah! I love potato soup in jars!!! Not a problem at all. Fill line? my non scientific hunch is: the horizontal width of one of your fingers…really, just don’t fill the jar up to the top – leave a little space to expand – but most importantly leave the lid loose, effectively not even screwed on, until the soup solidifies. Once solid, it’s safe to tighten the lid once again. That said, it’s incredible how these natural materials adapt even to the harshest attacks. I once must have tightened the metal lid too much. The jar didn’t break, but the lid was a picture of contortionism. It must not have been a particularly sturdy metal – luckily for my freezer.
    Thanks for visiting!

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