When mummy blogs and children cringe: troubles and tribulations of a mo-blo

Month 5 into my ofglassandbooks blog and my children are still embarrassed by their mo-blo (mother blogger). I have started to hide my habit, much like an addict when doing something he or she really should not.

Why do children cringe when mothers blog?

1. Fear of their mo-blo revealing something that belongs to them, their memories, their experiences, family stories and similar, is in the top 5 reasons to cringe. The mo-blo has now a much wider audience to address than the usual circle of friends. This surely multiplies the level of potential embarrassment by a factor of 3000.

2. The suspicion that the mo-blo in question may make a fool of herself is also cause for some serious cringing. Of course I’m generalising here: not all mo-blos’ children cringe – mine do.

3. Mo-blos are doing something they (the cringing children) are not party to, unless they stop cringing and embrace the blogging, which mine – again – do not.

4. Sometimes at the heart of children cringing is lack of faith in their own mothers’ skills and abilities as bloggers. This, I think, is reason for great disappointment and sadness, only to be overcome by more secret blogging, and definitely more details revealed to the www. Revenge is a dish served cold, and mo-blos know how to wait…

5. Deep down children also wonder why their mother would prefer to spend time at a computer as opposed to with them, even when it’s past their bed time and spending time together is not going to happen. ‘But it could, if she wasn’t at the computer!’ ‘No she couldn’t. It’s bed time.’ ‘Technically it could, if she wasn’t blogging.’ ‘No, that time is not an open slot. It’s bed time.’ ‘It’s the blogging, which is stealing her away from the family.’ ‘NO. it’s bed time.’ I could go on.

Do your children support your blogging, or visibly cringe when they spot you publishing a new post? This mo-blo hopes that she’s not the only one feeling little critical eyes focussed on her keyboard as she types away in a dark corner of the house…


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Who, me? A fan of good reads and glass jars experiences; budding fiction writer in the very little and spare time available...
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2 Responses to When mummy blogs and children cringe: troubles and tribulations of a mo-blo

  1. Abbie says:

    Thanks for this interesting post. It reminded me of what a toe rag I was as a child (Mum, Dad, you’re embarrassing me!) but as my adult self, I just wanted to say that I hope you do keep blogging, despite any negativity that’s broadcast to you from time to time. I do think bloggers have a responsibility to be considerate when describing the lives of those close to them, but we all have the right to express ourselves – and I hope you keep the blog flying! ๐Ÿ™‚

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