Blogging and writing a book – a match made in Heaven or Purgatory?

Fiction Stacks

Fiction Stacks (Photo credit: chelmsfordpubliclibrary)

A Very Happy New Year to you all! May (the verb…not the month) 2013 bring you lots of new good reading ideas and glass jar experiences.

January: the perfect month for resolutions. Mine? To finish off my tween years fiction book, started back in November of last year (Tween: in between children and teen agers).

This post also doubles as a clumsy justification for having taken time out from my blog lately. It’s hard enough to find the time to write a blog when my only window of opportunity is when the children are in bed, or at the week end – depending again on any kiddies activities (a free week-end is becoming rarer than a snow ball holidaying in Florida). Even harder to both start a book whilst keeping up with a blog.

Why then start a new project as time consuming as writing a fiction novel, if time is tight?

You may recall my tirade a few posts ago (“Tween age boys: What is wrong with fiction?”) encouraging old and new authors to produce more for our poorly catered tween boys who love to read. I managed to convince myself that if I wanted things to change, I had to roll up my sleeves and do something about it.

How? I set myself the super clinical target of writing 500 words per day in the evening, when the day is officially mine, and a more ambitious target at the week-end, and guess what, it’s worked! I got to a healthy 27000 words in no time, and thoroughly enjoyed the process as I did so. I am aiming at between 50 and 60 thousand.

Unfortunately I managed to temporarily ditch my blog as I embraced the new book venture. Last night, still on the very motivational 1st of January, and with a pang of guilt hitting me right in the chest, I logged into my ofglassandbooks. It was still there, which is encouraging in itself. Had it been a pet, I would be in prison for neglect. But the internet is less needy, and in fact, it gives you back what you put in, even after days or weeks of separation. I found lovely messages left by readers across the globe saying how much they had enjoyed the posts, and wishing to read more. One even wrote that my blog had provided them with inspiratioin to start their own. Sorry I didn’t reply – most were hidden in a pile of scam which I had to un-scam.

And so it was that on the evening of the 1st of January I put hands to keyboard once again and concocted this and another post (Can a fiction book make you dress up?). I would like my known and unknown readers to know that I am thankful for your ideas, encouragement and support. Have a great year!

Last but not least, a plea to any budding tween fiction writers out there: please get in touch. I would love to hear about your experience.

For example: do you find it difficult to match the right level of linguistic complexity with content, which is appropriate to a younger audience?

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